What To Expect

FAQ’s About Kahler’s School of Soccer

What is Kahler’s School of Soccer?

It is a skills-based camp that is aimed on developing the soccer skills of each individual student. There are sessions offered throughout the calendar year.

Is this a league?

No, however, there are several amazing leagues in the Central Texas area!

How is the skill level going to affect my child’s development?

Each student is going to be asked to keep up with the pace of the program. We will individually work with students that might not be able to keep up with the initial pace of the session. Parents are encouraged to work with the soccer player throughout the week, incorporating what was taught at the session.

What to bring?

  • Soccer ball
  • Liquids (Water or Sports Drink)
  • Shin guards (optional)
  • Athletic clothing
  • Sun Block (When applicable)
  • Pen & Pencil (Just kidding)